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Intuitive Mentoring

Effective Mentoring which supports clients in gaining clarity and connecting with their inner guidance.

What is Intuitive Mentoring?

I offer a non-judgemental space for clients, so they feel heard and seen. I listen deeply to what is being said and what is not being said. I look for clues that may support the client in healing old trauma and support them to see themselves from a perspective of worthiness.

I use a combination of traditional and alternative therapy and healing techniques. Many of which I have developed over the years of working with clients one on one and running weekly groups.

I respect my client’s rhythm and like to work at a pace that will support them.

I love supporting clients in connecting and strengthening their intuitive abilities.


Who is Intuitive Mentoring for?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by current life experiences?

  • Are you confused or lacking in motivation?

  • Are you a highly sensitive person?

  • Are you a care giver or a healer?

  • Are you looking for a new direction in life?

  • Are you experiencing anxiety?

  • Do you have a child who is stressed by lifestyle changes or household dynamics?


If this resonates with you, then I would love to  work with you and help you move forward in life.

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Session fees

  • Initial Session - $150

  • Return Session - $100

  • Children Initial Session - $90

  • Children Return Session - $60

"Self work with Michelle is a true pleasure. I now feel lighter and more focused than I have for a long while. Highly recommended." 

Helen Wilson, VIC

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